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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s pizzas take absurdly long to make

Plan your pizza parties accordingly

animal crossing pocket camp pizza party DeNA/Nintendo via Twitter

Everyone loves pizza. Even the animals in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp love pizza — especially Ketchup the duck. But the kind of pizza that Ketchup asks players to order for her in order to lure her to their campsite doesn’t sound like any kind of pizza I want to eat: Not only is it pricey, but it takes way, way too long to make.

In Pocket Camp, every piece of furniture requires a certain amount of time and materials to build. Pizza counts as furniture, which should be the first warning sign here. The second problem: In order to bring that pizza into your camp, you have to spend a cool 1,940 bells. There’s no exact exchange rate for bells into U.S. dollars, but if we imagine that 100 bells is, say, a dollar ... you do the math. And even without that relative comparison, the pizza is still way costlier than less perishable items like chairs.

The third and biggest issue is that, as they say, time is money. So factor in the amount of time it takes to craft this pizza, once players have put down the cash. That pizza will arrive at their campground after exactly seven hours.

If I ordered a pizza and it didn’t show up at my place until seven hours after I ordered it, you best believe I’m asking for my money back. Pocket Camp, meanwhile, thinks this is a perfectly normal amount of time to wait for a fresh pie.

Pocket Camp is wrong, and players are already sick of it.

Ketchup the duck is cute, but I don’t know if she’s seven-hour pizza cute.

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