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Super Mario Odyssey players are using Cappy as the best shortcut ever

Don’t want to swim? Use Cappy instead

Super Mario Odyssey - Mario throwing white top hat Cappy Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey players continue to astound me every day. The latest magical trick they’ve come up with? Bypassing obvious puzzle solutions to come up with their own hilarious, brilliant workarounds.

Twitter user Maddju5t1n shared one of the best examples of this trend. In a special room hidden in the Lake Kingdom, there’s a frog hanging around for Mario to ostensibly capture. That should get him across the raging poisonous waters that fill the entire space with relative ease, right? Well, this player had zero interest in completing the puzzle the easy way: He wanted to do it the rad-as-hell way instead.

Using Cappy as a floating step stool, Maddju5t1n completes the puzzle without using that frog whatsoever. It’s mesmerizing:

Beyond that, a bunch of players are showing off their inventive, speedrun-style ways of getting through a post-game minigame, Koopa Freerunning. I’m super into this tweet from a Japanese player, in which they showcase how they bypass the typical race course.

Alamo0de went the literal opposite direction from the rest of the racers to finish the minigame in just under 14 seconds. That stepping-on-Cappy trick is a real timesaver, man.

Leksam from Reddit followed suit, although it took him about twice as long to finish the course. This race has Mario again skipping the actual course and going his own way, Fleetwood Mac-style. As someone who can’t stand swimming levels, I’m a huge fan of Leksam’s water-less way around the wet course.

The common theme here is that Cappy is a fantastic shortcut, so get good at using him as a platform and not just a capture kit. Then, let these moves inspire you to keep on finding unique ways to make it through Super Mario Odyssey — a true sandbox adventure and one of our favorite Nintendo Switch games.