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Overwatch’s Hanzo is coming to Heroes of the Storm

Joined by Alextrasza of WoW fame

Hanzo Heroes of the Storm Blizzard Entertainment

Hanzo from Overwatch will soon be playable in another one of Blizzard Entertainment’s games: Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard announced that Hanzo is joining the roster of its free-to-play online battle arena during the opening ceremony of BilzzCon 2017.

Blizzard introduced Hanzo to the world of Heroes of the Storm with an animated short, showing the archer taking down Alextrasza, who can transform into a dragon when her health is low, from World of WarCraft. She’s also coming to the MOBA as a ranged support character.

After the cinematic, Blizzard showed some in-game footage of Hanzo at work. We also got to see Alextrasza right alongside him. Both will be playable as part of the 2018 gameplay update.

Hanzo joins numerous other Overwatch characters in the cast, which is populated with heroes and villains from a number of Blizzard franchise. These include, Tracer and, most recently, both Ana and Junkrat.

Earlier this year, Hanzo’s brother Genji made his Heroes of the Storm debut. Last year’s BlizzCon also gave Genji the spotlight, as the company dropped a special Oni Genji skin for use in both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.

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