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Overwatch’s Moira backstory fills a gap in the lore

Including details we’ve long wondered about a different hero

Blizzard unveiled its latest hero for Overwatch during the BlizzCon 2017 opening ceremony, a support hero named Moira O’Deorain. But later in the day, the developer showcased a short film (embedded above) that details Moira’s devilish origin story.

A geneticist shunned for her ambitions in science, Moira turned to Blackwatch and Talon to further her work.

“Overwatch held back the pace of scientific discovery for decades,” she says in the cinematic. “They believed my methods were too radical, too controversial.”

Blizzard Entertainment

Towards the end of the video, we see Moira putting her hand on Gabriel Reyes (the man now known as Reaper) who is staring in disbelief at his body. It’s clear then that Moira is the person who is responsible for Reyes’ transformation into the Reaper we know today, debunking a popular theory that Mercy was the one responsible.

It’s clear that Moira has plenty of other ideas besides what we’ve seen from her kit and backstory. Morality isn’t something she’s concerned with, not when it comes to science and research.

Moira has no set release date as of yet but will be coming to Overwatch in the near future.

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