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Xbox One X menu highlights enhanced games, but not without issues

Where are my enhanced games?

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close-up of Xbox branding on top right corner of vertical Xbox One X Austin Pikulski/Vox Studios
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The Xbox One’s new dashboard has a great feature for Xbox One X owners: It lets users filter their game library to show titles that have been updated with enhancements for the new console, like 4K resolution. But at the moment, a few days before the system’s public launch, the filter isn’t working properly.

Microsoft introduced new sorting and filtering options for the Xbox One’s My Games & Apps screen in last month’s system update. Xbox One X owners have the ability to hide all games without “Xbox One X Enhanced” updates, which is a very handy option. Microsoft generally does a much better job in the area of transparency than Sony does with the PlayStation 4 Pro, and this is just one element of that.

Xbox One X - My Games & Apps screen showing Xbox One X Enhanced games Microsoft via Polygon

However, the sorting is currently leaving out some games for which Xbox One X updates have indeed been released. When we took the above screenshot last night, at least one enhanced game, Assassin’s Creed Origins, wasn’t showing up in the list. (Dishonored 2 appears to have been updated as well, although according to the Xbox website, the patch isn’t live yet.) Both games are still missing now.

Of course, this user-friendly feature isn’t very useful if the search results aren’t accurate. A Microsoft representative acknowledged the problem in a statement to Polygon, saying the company is “aware that for some users, games aren’t being filtered as Xbox One X Enhanced in ‘My games and apps.’” The spokesperson added that the Xbox team is “working to resolve the issue.”

For more on the Xbox One X, check out our full pre-review, which is based on a week of time with the console. The Xbox One X will launch worldwide next Tuesday, Nov. 7.

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