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The holidays have arrived in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

All I want for Christmas is you ... animals to stop being so greedy

animal crossing holiday art Nintendo

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s first seasonal festivities went live today, Nov. 30. The nondenominational holiday event will run until just after Christmas, giving players new furniture to collect, winter-appropriate clothing to hunt down and, of course, tons of candy canes.

Until the event wraps at 12:59 a.m. on Dec. 26, players will serve as their own campground’s Santa Claus. Every player will receive a Santa hat in their mailbox when they first log in during the campaign, which they can then put on and use to start granting wishes for their animal friends (well, if you want to call them that). Upon completing item requests for potential campers, players will even receive candy canes for their trouble.

Those candy canes are a new type of crafting material, to be used to create custom seasonal furniture. There’s a snowman, a “festive bow tree” and that classic holiday item, the “jingle fence.” There will also be opportunities to purchase and wear a full-on Santa Claus outfit, if diligent players make sure to keep an eye out for them at the Able Sisters’ truck.

Holiday events are one of the most delightful traditions of the Animal Crossing franchise. While their names and functions have changed throughout the series — Christmas from the first game later became “Toy Day” — every Animal Crossing makes sure to give players and their in-game pals something to celebrate as often as possible. Who knows: Maybe we’ll even get to see our old pal Jingle the Reindeer, the Animal Crossing series’ unique version of Santa, appear in Pocket Camp, too.