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Arms update adds another new fighter: Springtron

The darker, more metallic version of Spring Man

Springtron in Arms
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Just two weeks after a big update for Nintendo Switch fighting game Arms that added a brand-new fighter comes yet another update that brings one more brawler to the roster. Well, sort of.

Nintendo released the version 4.1 update for Arms today, which lets players select a new fighter, Springtron. He’ll look familiar to Arms players, as he’s effectively a menacing version of Spring Man. Springtron and Spring Man share the same set of arms, so whatever players have unlocked for Spring Man, they’ll be able to use for Springtron.

According to his in-game description, “Springtron releases a shockwave that deflects incoming punches when he breaks off a charge before it’s complete.” And when Springtron (aka “the mean machine”) completes a charge, “he releases a huge shockwave that deflects incoming punches.”

Version 4.1 of Arms also adds new badges to the game, including badges that are unlocked via specific fighter/arm combinations and others that are unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions on stages with environmental gimmicks.

More details about the new update are available at Nintendo’s support website.

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