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Nintendo Switch’s most obvious mobile port didn’t even take out the microtransactions

Now you can play your favorite game-on-the-go ... on the go ... and it still looks exactly the same

Among the smaller new releases on Nintendo Switch eShop on Thursday, Nov. 30, is Mujo, a game that puzzle fans may have played back on their smartphones in 2014. It’s one part tile-stacking, one part mythical monster-fighting puzzle action, a combination that seems like a good fit for the hybrid handheld. But in bringing Mujo from mobile to console, developer Oink Games seemingly made zero changes. This is as blatant a smartphone-to-Switch port as any we’ve seen thus far.

A gameplay video from YouTuber NintenDaan shows a good chunk of Mujo’s Switch version. Instead of filling the Switch’s larger display, the game maintains its original aspect ratio. This leaves empty vertical space on a majority of the screen, which seems like a real waste of the increased real estate.

Players can zoom into the approximated phone screen as needed, and they can use the right analog stick to scroll through in lieu of their fingertip. But those and other control tweaks aside, Mujo is very much a game meant to play one-handed on a phone that’s now happens to be on a console.

But, hey, at least the game costs a full $9.99 instead of being free-to-play like its mobile counterpart, right? Nope: Mujo has microtransactions through the eShop, even on Switch. As seen at 13:30 in the video above (which is based on the Japanese eShop version), players can link out to buy extra items to help clear tiles from the board. These can cost as much as 5,000 yen, depending on how many you’re willing to buy.

There are plenty of mobile games that are also now on Switch, like the music game Voez and card-based adventure game Shephy. Neither of these ports are as straight a translation as Mujo, however — a game that costs $0 on iOS and Android right now.

The next level of puzzles.

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