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Steppenwolf takes on Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash in new Justice League clip

Aquaman gets his chance to shine

At the rate Warner Bros. is releasing clips from its upcoming landmark superhero movie, Justice League, we’ll be able to piece the entire film together without ever leaving home.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Justice League.]

A series of new clips uploaded to press portal EPK over the weekend features various members of the superhero conglomerate are put in difficult situations. The most threatening comes in a fight against Steppenwolf, the main baddie whom Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Batman and the rest of the team must defeat to save the world from sure devastation.

The clip gives us our first remarkable look at Steppenwolf, as he catches a rocket launcher shot from the top of Batman’s vehicle, throwing it into a nearby wall and insulting the Justice League in the process. Steppenwolf demonstrates some of his true power in this clip, but not all of it.

Alongside refocusing attention on Steppenwolf, the video does a pretty good job of illustrating the type of humor Justice League brings with it. Alfred and Cyborg have a quick little one-on-one, while the Flash gets his own moment to shine. The end of the video, however, proves once and for all that Aquaman is the superhero to get hyped up for this time around.

Warner Bros. released a series of new partnering vignettes, with one allotting time for Bruce Wayne to talk about his dear friend, Superman. Warner Bros. first began marketing the movie with images confirming Superman would appear in the movie, but has since moved away from that message. Instead, we’re left to assume that Superman is not returning for Justice League, which we know not to be the case based on testimony from the cast, including Superman actor Henry Cavill. The clip can be seen below.

Justice League will be released on Nov. 17.

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