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Sonic Forces has a crash problem on PC, Sega rolls out update

Steam users report frequent crashes and stuttering

sonic forces
Sonic Forces
Sonic Team/Sega
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Sonic Forces is out on consoles and PC today, and while our review of the game on Switch wasn’t exactly positive, it sounds like the Windows PC version of the game has some big problems. Steam reviews for Sonic Team’s new platformer report that the game has been frequently crashing just a few missions in.

Sega says a post-launch update for the game will hopefully address Sonic Forces’ crashing problem.

The Steam release of Sonic Forces, based on more than 150 user reviews, has a “mostly negative” reception. The majority of those negative user reviews cite crashes after Sonic Forces’ second and third missions.

“This game clearly shows no signs of being tested before being released, the game crashes after only getting a few stages into the game,” reads one review from user Stormfrost. “The game when it is playable suffers from stuttering and runs appalingly [sic] during cutscenes and is at the point that its near unplayable due to crashes and poor optimization. I cannot say that I'd recommend this game until at least some patch is released to fix this or address the problems that this game currently has ...”

Sonic Forces performance is terrible right now on PC,” reads another review from user C2K. “Cutscenes running at 20 fps. The gameplay stuttering below 60 fps all the time making it unplayable. Stay away until its fixed.”

Some Sonic Forces users are reporting success in resolving those frequent crashes by playing the game in Steam’s offline mode.

Sega quickly rolled out an update for Sonic Forces, though some Steam users are saying that performance issues still persist.

Forces PC Players – we’ve just released an update that should fix most crashes,” Sega said. “Please restart your game to ensure it’s applied, and let us know if you run into any other issues!”

We’ve reached out to Sega for comment on Sonic Forces’ PC version and will update when the company responds.

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