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Bubsy, Cookie Monster, Nemo and more icons celebrated Twitter’s 280 characters

Or tweeted their complaints over it

Bubsy standing Black Forest Games/Accolade

Twitter rolled out an expansive tweet format for everyone to use, allowing people to type up to 280 characters instead of the previous 140. The move was met with both applause and criticism from many Twitter users, but brands, studios, networks and accounts for game characters found a way to have some fun with it.

There were many good tweets, but the best tweet published with the sole intention of celebrating the freedom 280 characters provides, goes to Pixar. The tweet includes a GIF of the science teacher, Mr. Ray, as he sings to the group about the different zones of the sea. Now we can finally sing along, enunciating words like eipelagic and mesopelagic.

The runner up, however, must be handed to Law and Order: SVU’s account. The tweet includes the opening monologue that most of us have memorized in our years of marathoning Law and Order: SVU episodes. No? Just me? Never mind then. Still, the creed is well known enough that the joke works. The “DUN DUN” at the end is the icing on the cake.

In third place, is Adult Swim. The network has a pretty good voice on Twitter already, but the social media manager is also pretty well aware of the content that appears on the network’s Twitter account. They just get it, y’know?

Here are a couple of other tweets from various brands, well-known actors, writers and Twitter personalities, or characters that deserve a special mention.

No collection of tweets would be complete without acknowledging the bad ones. The tweets designed to make us cringe, gasp or turn away in disgust. The tweets that don’t really make any sense and crowd our monitor for a fleeting second. Tweets, well, like this one.

Remember, 280 characters exist not to be abused. Don’t pull a Bubsy. After all, brevity is the soul of wit.

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