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Justice League cast really want you to know that Superman is dead

‘Henry looks great in dream sequences and as a corpse’

Superman Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill is very supportive of his fellow Justice League cast members, spending his portion of a recent press conference talking about their fantastic performances ... even if he’s not really an active participant.

The ongoing discussion over whether Cavill’s Superman is in the movie — and if so, whether or not he’ll be alive — has raged over the last few months. Not one to pass up joking about the scenario, Cavill and other cast members, including Ray Fisher (Cyborg), Ezra Miller (Flash) and Ben Affleck (Batman), all took Superman’s presence in the movie to task.

Cavill joked that “on the days that I went to visit [the] set, because I’m not in the movie,” he appreciated watching the team dynamic play out before him. Cavill’s comments were cut off by ribs from Miller and Fisher, who commented on his role in the movie.

“Superman, who we hope is in this one, too,” Miller said, with Fisher proclaiming that “Superman is dead.”

“Henry looks great in dream sequences and as a corpse,” Miller said, laughing with the rest of the cast.

Still, that didn’t stop Cavill from giving praise to his colleagues whenever he could.

“Watching the team dynamic as characters is one of my favorite things about this movie,” Cavill said. “Because superheroes are all just reflections of the human psyche, human traits personified but made grander. I think these guys really nailed it with their interaction or their lack of interaction. These guys smashed it, knocked it out of the park.”

Cavill’s sweet comments were met with love from the rest of the cast, including Affleck, who managed to get one last shot in about Cavill’s mustache. The mustache, which he grew for Mission Impossible 6, resulted in internet shenanigans and acted as confirmation that Superman was in Justice League.

“If Superman had had that porn mustache in the last movie, I think he would have won a lot quicker,” Affleck joked.

Superman — and the rest of the Justice League — will come together on the big screen when the movie is released on Nov. 17.

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