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Bloodborne players dig up unused bosses from game files

That two-headed fire demon looks a little out of place

Longtime fans of FromSoftware’s games, like Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, know that the developer’s titles ship with their share of unused content, including bosses and entire areas left on the cutting room floor. That extends to Bloodborne, which has its own cut and unused content that’s been recently uncovered by players.

YouTube user Sanadsk — who specializes in digging into the Souls games for lore and hidden content — has a fresh look at some Bloodborne enemies, bosses and what appear to be NPCs that didn’t make it into the final game. His video, via the Bloodborne subreddit, shows off what seems to be a handful of enemy models that were once in development, but were scrapped for reasons unknown.

Looking at the video, one could make some assumptions about why some of these enemies didn’t make the cut for Bloodborne. A few, like the two-headed smoldering demon, look much more at home in the world of Dark Souls than Bloodborne. And the furry beast at the beginning of the clip looks maybe a bit too similar to Vicar Amelia, making it feel redundant.

There are a few screencaps of the video above in the gallery below if you want a closer look. And if you haven’t checked out Sanadsk’s deep dives into Demon’s Souls scrapped Land of the Giants or Dark Souls 3’s unused assets, they’re worth a look.

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