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Sony’s ‘Legacy’ PS2 theme for PS4 is a fun hit of nostalgia

Relive browsing your PlayStation 2 system configuration anytime

Legacy Dashboard Theme for PlayStation 4
Sony Interactive Entertainment

For a little dose of PlayStation 2 nostalgia, Sony and Truant Pixel are releasing a new “Legacy” theme for PlayStation 4 that evokes fond memories of its best-selling console.

The Legacy Dashboard Theme will be released on Dec. 6 for PS4 (the same day three Jak & Daxter PS2 Classics hit the system). The theme costs $2.99, and it’s clear that a great deal of work went into recreating the PS2’s menu backgrounds authentically.

Developer Truant Pixel said it spent the past two years developing prototypes mimicking the PS2 dashboard, and fully recreated the console’s memorable boot sequence.

In a video posted to YouTube, the developer cautioned that the theme isn’t a one-to-one recreation in one sense, noting that it can’t use the PlayStation 2 logo due to licensing restrictions, so it created a “mid-boot ‘Easter Egg,’ which changes randomly with every login.”

Truant Pixel continues:

From there, the “Seven Stars” make an appearance, coalescing from random points to recreate the mathematical and dynamic formations to accompany the passage of time, similarly recreated from the original PlayStation 2 bios in the form of the Crystal Clock. Color shifting is now controlled via user input, with subtle shifts in particle speed and behavior. Additionally, original audio has been taken from the PS2 hardware and recreated in the background ambience and custom keynotes for this theme.

Take a look.

The Legacy Dashboard Theme for PS4 is designed to support 1080p, 4K and OLED displays, Truant Pixel said. You can compare the developer’s work to the original PS2 dashboard:

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