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Insomniac Games talks about what makes Spider-Man

It’s not the suit or the powers

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Spider-Man is Marvel’s super-hero. Though the Fantastic Four and Ant-Man (technically) debuted before him, his humanity and vulnerability gave Marvel Comics its editorial character: The hero who worries about paying the rent while beating The Shocker’s ass.

Insomniac Games, given custody of this character for a video game, seems to understand this. And the arc of their storytelling for Spider-Man isn’t about the opposition of super-powers. It’s setting the person who does good in a disguise against a man who pretends to it in public. Batman tackles lowlifes, freaks and acknowledged gangsters. Spider-Man takes down Norman Osborn, Wilson Fisk and, in this game, Martin Li.

That is a classic Marvel play, and this video above from PlayStation Experience 2017 sets it all up. Martin Li is a civilian benefactor. Moreover, Peter’s beloved Aunt May — a mainstay character going back to 1962 — volunteers for and admires his philanthropy. Something’s going to collide.

Spider-Man, no subtitle necessary, is coming next year to PlayStation 4.