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Street Fighter 5’s third season of characters revealed at Capcom Cup 2017

All six characters will be part of the Arcade Edition

street fighter new characters

During the finals of this year’s Capcom Cup fighting tournament at PlayStation Experience, Street Fighter executive producer Yoshinori Ono revealed all of the upcoming season three characters for Street Fighter 5.

Fans expected at least one announcement during the live event: the debut of fan favorite Sakura, as she’s been teased for quite some time. They got exactly what they expected, with Sakura’s introduction to Street Fighter 5 immediately following the closing ceremony of the Capcom Cup.

In her trailer below, not only do we get to see Sakura’s most recent incarnation (which sees her transitioning from schoolgirl attire to something a bit more business casual), but we also get to see both of her V-Trigger moves. In the upcoming Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, every character will get a second V-Trigger move, which is a special skill unique to each character. We also caught a first glimpse of the new stage appearing along with Sakura, Kasugano Residence, which appears to be Sakura’s backyard.

As customary with each new character reveal, Sakura’s trailer teased the release of the other characters included in season three, which will be hitting Arcade Edition when it launches on Jan. 16. What fans didn’t expect was yet another trailer, this time for the cinematic opening for the Arcade Edition, which revealed all of season three’s characters.

Fans watching live at the Capcom Cup finals cheered in excitement at the sudden reveal of multiple favorites returning to the Street Fighter 5 cast, including Blanka, Sagat and Cody. The trailer also revealed two brand new characters: G, who looks like an Abraham Lincoln-esque brawler whose body is partially covered in gold, and Falke, who appears to be associated with series newcomer Ed.

While we know that Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is set to launch on PlayStation 4 and PC on Jan. 16, along with Sakura, the release schedule for the rest of the new characters has not be confirmed yet.