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Breath of the Wild players are now discovering Link’s inner biker punk

Scorpio rising

art from champions’ ballad dlc for breath of the wild Nintendo

Link has always been cool. In The Champions’ Ballad, the second expansion from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s season pass, players are discovering just how cool he is, as they discover and share all the rad tricks Link can pull off on his hot new ride.

The Master Cycle Zero is Link’s unlockable, vehicular companion that debuts in the DLC. It’s a motorcycle that looks a lot like a unicorn, and it is the definition of what we call “peak aesthetic.” The Master Cycle is more than a pretty face, of course; it can also pull off sweet stunts.

A thread of them is collecting on Reddit, thanks to user drr98 kicking things off. In the video below, Link smashes into a Bokoblin’s head, then thrusts the Master Cycle into the air to do a spin.

Sick, bruh. Also sick is this major air caught by Owais Khan on Twitter, who got some props from drr98.

Neither one of them knows quite how to reproduce these stunts, but doesn’t that just play into Link’s badass mystique?

Here’s something that’s easier to do yourself. Below is a method to give the Master Cycle a little speed boost when Link hits the brakes: just start doing donuts, man.

But it’s doing the impossible that we love the most. That’s why this tweet from user LeviSwitch seems to be making the rounds. Link fights off an ancient Guardian without ever taking a hit, all thanks to some solid handling of that bike and an amazing amount of air.

Rad. If you’re playing The Champions’ Ballad and uncovering the levels of Link’s badassery, please share them with us.

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