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Annihilation trailer pits Natalie Portman against biological horrors

From Ex Machina director, Alex Garland

Biological mutations of ordinary creatures are the unseen enemies that Natalie Portman will have to fight against in Annihilation.

A new trailer for Alex Garland’s (Ex Machina) next movie, based on Jeff VanderMeer’s novel of the same name, illuminates the strange threats facing humankind. The trailer adds some additional context that we didn’t get in the first teaser, which was released at the end of September. Annihilation’s new trailer gives us more insight into Portman’s character’s battle to save her husband from an unknown attack and figure out what’s happening to their world.

In an effort to find out what happened to her husband, Portman’s character, simply referred to as the biologist, enters an environmental disaster zone where she encounters a number of strange plants, animals and other life forces that she wasn’t prepared for. The biologist is joined by an anthropologist, a psychologist and a surveyor.

Annihilation stars Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Oscar Isaac and Gina Rodriguez, and will be released on Feb. 23, 2018.

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