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Build-A-Bear’s Nintendo collection is an adorable take on Super Mario

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But a Mario bear with a mustache? Please no

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Nintendo/Build-A-Bear Workshop

Nintendo and Build-A-Bear Workshop have teamed up for a surprise collaboration, giving fans a chance to craft their own huggable versions of some of the most beloved Super Mario characters. Like the Pokémon collection, Nintendo’s set of bears look a lot like the characters they’re based on — except for one notable character who is creepier than he is cute.

The ones that look most familiar are Bowser, Yoshi and a tiny Toad. I definitely want to hold all of them in my arms, possibly even at the same time.

bowser build-a-bear
I love my beautiful Bowser son already.
Nintendo/Build-A-Bear Workshop

Bowser costs $35, while Yoshi is sold for $25.50. As Toad is a smaller plush, his retail price is set at $10.50. Bowser and Yoshi come with the option to arrive pre-stuffed or sent to a local Build-A-Bear so that you can stuff them and customize them yourself.

You may be surprised that Mario and Luigi aren’t part of the initial mix. They are, in a sense. There’s a Mario Bear that is permanently clad in the plumber’s classic overalls and hat. It also has a tiny mustache affixed to its face, which just seems ... wrong. Very wrong.

mario build-a-bear
We cannot abide by this.
Nintendo/Build-A-Bear Workshop

Mario Bear costs $28 and comes with the same pre-stuffed or make-your-own options as Bowser and Yoshi.

As for Luigi, there’s a two-piece costume that costs $16 and can be worn on any bear of your choice, Mario aside. There’s also a Princess Peach costume that also costs $16 and includes a detachable crown. Finally, there’s a tasteful Super Mario hoodie.

The costumes are fine and are a nice way to have your own Luigi or Peach bear. Mario, on the other hand, is a tougher sell. It’s that mustache, guys. I can’t get behind that mustache.

All the bears are now available online, but they’ll be rolling out to stores nationwide starting the weekend of Dec. 15. Check the whole collection out below.

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