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Kingdom Hearts fans ponder a Simpsons crossover, now that Disney owns Fox

The possibilities for Kingdom Hearts just got bigger

the simpsons art Fox

With Disney now the majority shareholder in 21st Century Fox, a lot of things are about to change for the entertainment landscape. And that includes video games like Disney-Square Enix collaboration Kingdom Hearts, which could now tap into an even greater number of properties following the acquisition deal.

That list includes more natural fits like the X-Men and Fantastic Four ... but it also includes series like The Simpsons, Family Guy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and other out-there choices. So it’s no surprise that fans are way more excited about the potential of a Simpsons or It’s Always Sunny world in Kingdom Hearts than a Deadpool cameo.

It’s a little late to fit anything else into Kingdom Hearts 3, as that game’s well into production. But the goofs about Sora dropping by Springfield continue on.

The Simpsons and Kingdom Hearts already kind of have a relationship, in fact. A prescient Easter egg based on Kingdom Hearts shows up in The Simpsons Game, released as a tie-in to the series’ theatrical debut.

Remember this, however, Kingdom Hearts fans: We have yet to see the scope of how Disney’s purchase of Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm — all of which happened after the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 — will affect the franchise. Toy Story and Big Hero 6 will receive their own worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. But the jury is still out on the Avengers or Star Wars characters appearing in the game. As ... interesting as it would be to see Sora as an honorary member of the Simpsons family would be, it will take a long time for us to see how any of this shakes out.

(But please at least consider an It’s Always Sunny world, Square Enix.)

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