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A genius roguelike and classic RPG stand out in another packed week on Nintendo Switch eShop

Here’s another 20-plus games for you to choose from

Dodge Roll/Devolver Digital

Nintendo Switch eShop continues to drop a bounty of new games for owners of the console this month, with more than 20 titles arriving between today, Dec. 14, and Dec. 19. And that crop isn’t just filler; the eShop just got a mix of exciting, even monumental games this week.

We’ll start with the “monumental” one: Romancing SaGa 2, a sci-fi role-playing game from Square Enix that first launched on Super Famicom just over 24 years ago. The game didn’t make it to the West, however, until an iOS and Android port in 2016 — but on Dec. 15, local fans of the SaGa franchise will be able to play it on a console for the first time. Role-playing game lovers will also appreciate a new, classic-style, turn-based RPG to check out on the go.

But what we’re really excited for is Enter the Gungeon, a game that fast became a local multiplayer favorite when it first launched on Windows PC in 2016. The game is a bullet hell-meets-roguelike, tasking a team of up to two players to make their way through a procedurally generated line of rooms full of enemies who just want to gun them down. It’s one of those games that’s still a ton of fun, no matter how much you die. Rope a friend into it, and Enter the Gungeon gets even better.

Other games that Switch fans are sure to be pumped for include the long-awaited Switch port of Yooka-Laylee, which supports a single Joy-Con and custom achievements; and Gorogoa, a very pretty puzzle game. (The Metal Gear Solid-inspired Never Stop Sneakin’ also looks pretty dang hilarious.)

The full list is below:

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