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Oxenfree team’s next game is about college kids getting drunk with Satan

Afterparty sounds like Animal House in Hell

afterparty drinking contest art Night School Studio

The next game in the works from Night School Studio, the tiny team behind 2016 cult favorite Oxenfree, is called Afterparty. Due out in 2019, the game sounds as irreverent and exciting as its predecessor: Afterparty is, essentially, all about getting super wasted while hanging out in Hell.

The game stars a pair of college kids named Milo and Lola, who have died and, unfortunately for them, ended up on Satan’s doorstep. They’re not terribly excited about the idea of spending the rest of their days in Hell, to no one’s surprise.

“But there’s a loophole,” reads Night School’s description. “Outdrink Satan and he’ll grant you re-entry to Earth.”

That kicks off Milo and Lola’s adventure to break into Satan’s place for a killer party, which looks equal parts hilarious and stunning in early concept art. Night School gave IGN a more in-depth look at the game, offering other details on the debauchery players can look forward to. There are plenty of neighborhoods to check out on the way to Satan’s, bars to practice your drinking at and even chances to do some karaoke and beer pong.

If Oxenfree was an essential story about what it’s like to be a high schooler, then Afterparty could be this generation’s defining game about the 21-and-over crowd’s mishaps.

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