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Super Mario Odyssey’s attention to detail goes much deeper than you think

You’re never going to be able to unhear this...

Super Mario Odyssey is absolutely filled with delightful surprises and an attention to detail that goes far above and beyond what’s expected from a game in this series.

The above video from JalopesTL explains how the game’s sound effects and incidental music actually changes to harmonize with whatever song is playing in the background. The melody that plays when Mario zips along an electrical line actually changes depending on the other music that’s playing at the same time, and the game even adjusts the music’s tempo to make sure everything matches up so the music sounds as good as the game looks.

The video shows a few other places where the game adjusts the notes and music that is played based on your actions or the creature you’re controlling so that everything works together to create a soundscape that makes as much sense as the visuals.

It’s a small detail that required a ridiculous amount of work to get right, and it’s just one part of the game that helps make Super Mario Odyssey feel so satisfying to play. It’s unlikely that most people will ever notice this in the front of their brain, but it does change how things sound and feel.

If a game’s world seems like it’s in harmony with itself ... well, maybe it is?

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