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Mount Your Friends 3D brings buff dudes and swinging schlongs to the third dimension

Feast your eyes on the 3D tower of hulking men

Wonderfully weird multiplayer game Mount Your Friends is making the jump into 3D next year. Mount Your Friends 3D: A Hard Man is Good to Climb is in the works for Windows PC, and good lord, you have to watch its debut trailer right now.

Sure, a big part of Mount Your Friends’ appeal lies within its challenging, physics-based gameplay, which requires players to swing their muscular sportsman to climb up a growing tower of burly men. Fail to grab on, and your mounting expert is eliminated from the competition.. But the design of the men themselves is an undeniable part of what makes Mount Your Friends so charming and memorable, and it’s on full display in the 3D version’s teaser.

The athletes in Mount Your Friends are all well-endowed, super-ripped hunks with nubs for hands and thumbs for heads. They are perfect. But in the original, 2D game, it’s hard not to be distracted by how well-hung they are as they make their way up the mountain. A Hard Man is Good to Climb’s three-dimensional upgrade of those schlongs double-downs on the goofiness, even throwing in some well-rendered backsides for good measure. I’m not going to call those 3D dicks less distracting, but they’re certainly just as endearingly silly.

These are just details, important they may be. Mount Your Friends has been a Polygon party favorite since its original PC release in 2014, and we will totally be here for the upgrade sometime in early 2018.

Mount Your Friends is intense!

Is Mount Your Friends too much for the ladies of Polygon?

Posted by Polygon on Friday, April 29, 2016

Correction: Forgive us for mixing up the pun here: Mount Your Friends 3D’s subtitle is A Hard Man is Good to Climb. The story above has been amended to reflect this.

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