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See Bloodborne’s cut boss in an unused fight scene

How the battle with the ‘Great One Beast’ would have gone down

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Bloodborne’s unused content was revealed earlier this month, and now the YouTuber behind all that mining has gameplay video of one of the bosses eventually cut from the game.

It’s different from the first video, which showed only rotating models of the unused bosses and NPCs. At the end of that video, Sanadsk promised a look at a boss fight cut from the game. He made good on that in the video above.

The scene of the fight isn’t fully rendered but it gives enough of an idea of what was supposed to take place. The boss in question is the Great One Beast, and it resembles the first one shown in the Dec. 1 video.

Sanadsk collaborated with YouTuber Zullie the Witch, who turned up video of this unused enemy (in another unused dungeon environment). That foe looks like the pig/rat/whatever-that-is thing shown at 6:15 of Sanadsk’s original video.

Want even more? Cut content has a history specific to From Software games (Sanadsk has made a cottage industry out of it) as developers usually leave things on the disc and their intensely loyal fanbase scours it looking for more to satisfy their curiosity. Here’s a video full of weapons and armors that were rendered but also didn’t go into Bloodborne.