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Catherine remake is in the works for PS4, Vita

More endings, more content — and one more Catherine

Catherine - Vincent and Catherine Atlus

Atlus is bringing back Catherine, its unique, 2011 puzzle game developed by the Persona team. A PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita remake is currently in development, the company revealed this week, with updated visuals and entirely new content planned for the game.

Catherine: Full Body will again star Vincent, who’s caught in the middle of several very different women named Catherine. In the daytime, he wrestles with his desires and temptations; at night, while he’s asleep, he is transported to a mysterious, sheep-filled hell where he must solve puzzles as fast as he can — or die.

Where Catherine: Full Body switches things up from the original is when it comes to both the challenging puzzle system and the story itself. There will be new difficulty levels, according to early details from Famitsu, as well as new mechanics to complicate the block-switching puzzles. There will also be online multiplayer battles in the PS4 and Vita version, unlike the original, single-player release.

And during the day, Vincent will not only have to juggle his feelings for Katherine and Catherine, but a woman named Rin. She’ll add another wrench into the story, which adds new cutscenes and even a handful of new endings.

Atlus hasn’t revealed a release date yet for Catherine: Full Body. It will show off more of the game soon, however: A livestream focused on the remake is set to air on Dec. 22 at 7:30 p.m. JST. (That’s 5:30 a.m. ET, so plan your sleep accordingly.)

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