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Pokémon Go holiday event leak teases one Pokémon’s long-awaited debut

Niantic’s holiday present to the players

delibird The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Go’s annual holiday event looks like it will introduce Delibird, a second-gen Pokémon that remains one of the few not currently obtainable in the mobile game. A user of The Silph Road community on Reddit shared an ad for the upcoming event that suggests Delibird is soon on its way.

The ad is from the Taiwanese Google Play Store, but user kk5566 offered an translation. The attached image mentions sales on incubators and other items, including the new “star piece;” more third-generation Pokémon to capture; and the first appearance of Delibird in the wild. The traditional Santa hat Pikachu will likely also return.

English-language versions of the Google Play ad haven’t appeared yet; we’ve reached out to Niantic to confirm. But Delibird’s launch coinciding with the winter holiday season would be a perfect fit: Delibird is an ice-type Pokémon whose primary ability is throwing presents at its opponents. It’s as close as the series’ has to its own Santa Claus — and it’s also one of just three second-gen Pokémon players have yet to encounter in the game.

Whenever Delibird arrives, we do know this: It’s already available in-game, and reporters have already seen it in battle. IGN attended a recent event at Niantic headquarters to test Pokémon Go’s augmented reality update; during their hands-on time with the enhanced AR features, they got to square off against a Delibird for the first time. Check that out below.

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