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It’s been a weird year — and a weird year for comics

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A look back at 2017

This is Issue at Hand, Polygon’s show about the strange world of comics, and for our last video of 2017, we’re looking back on the some of the biggest news and some of the best books of the past year.

2017 kicked off with the New York Times Book Review unceremoniously getting rid of its bestseller list for graphic novels, and boy did it ever continue, with some comics becoming unintentionally and uncomfortably politically relevant — sometimes in ways beyond the control of their creator.

But there were also some hard won victories in the comics industry this year, and there were some pretty dang good books. There were also plenty of good books I didn’t have time to read because, underneath this facade, I’m just a raccoon with an iPad and limited time and energy.

If that describes you, too, then you could do worse with your limited time than to read some of 2017’s best comic books.