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Destiny 2 Warlock glitch won’t be fixed before 2018, Bungie says

Nova Bombs away!

Destiny 2 - Voidwalker art
The Voidwalker subclass in Destiny 2.

Another week, another Destiny 2 bug. This time, it’s an issue affecting the player-versus-player Crucible: Guardians have discovered a glitch allowing Voidwalker Warlocks to fire their super attack as often as they want.

The bug exists only in the Crucible’s Mayhem gametype, which Destiny 2 developer Bungie revived for The Dawning, the game’s holiday event. That’s because cooldowns for grenades, class abilities and super abilities are greatly reduced in Mayhem — and the glitch involves both the Voidwalker grenade and super.

Here’s how it works, according to Reddit user DefenderEchoaz (note that on consoles, you’ll need to change your control scheme to Bumper Jumper to pull this off):

While overcharging a grenade, press [the super button]. It should cancel out your charged grenade, and throw a nova bomb. The game does not consider this a casting of nova bomb, and your super energy should remain unchanged. It appears that as long as you are charging a grenade you can throw nova bombs [infinitely].

Overcharging your grenade is an ability granted by the Chaos Accelerant perk, which lets Warlocks consume super energy to make their grenade more powerful. The issue is that in Mayhem, the super bar refills more quickly than Chaos Accelerant drains it. A quirk of the glitch is that any kills with Nova Bombs thrown in this way only count for one point — in other words, the game considers them to be grenade kills, not Nova Bomb kills (which count for three points).

You can check out the glitch in action below:

Unlike that Twitter user assumed, Bungie isn’t doing anything — at least not at this point. The studio said today that it is still investigating the issue, but has determined that the glitch itself “will not be addressed before the Dawning ends in 2018.” The event is currently scheduled to run until Tuesday, Jan. 9.

Bungie is in a tough spot here. Mayhem is a fun, fan-favorite gametype and one of the highlights of The Dawning, so the studio would be angering a lot of fans if it simply eliminated the mode for the rest of this limited-time event. Of course, leaving the glitch alone also risks angering players, since it would be no fun to lose Crucible matches to Guardians who were taking advantage of this bug.

What’s more, Destiny players are already fed up with Bungie over a recent spate of bugs, especially since those issues were also tied to features that the community had been asking for. The studio was surely hoping that two major patches this month around Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris, would win back some fans. But with these bugs and other problems, Bungie continues to squander any goodwill it might have been building.

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