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Atlus’ Project Re Fantasy teasers suggest a bizarre RPG in the making

Please enjoy five minutes of a knight eating chicken

A new pair of concept teasers for Project Re Fantasy, the debut project from Atlus-owned development team Studio Zero, paints a strange picture of the upcoming game. The ostensible fantasy role-playing game looks like it borrows a lot of genre conventions, while also embracing some of the modern-day elements seen in director Katsura Hashino’s work on Persona 5.

The first five-minute teaser covers a lot of this ground, using illustrations of people flying on dragons and wielding swords to introduce the storyline. It then moves into an unexpected place, with live-action actors portraying various classes included in the game. There’s a cleric intent on “banishing all other species,” a mage who’s a “guilt-ridden protestor” and a warrior who wants “to cease to exist.”

So Project Re Fantasy isn’t quite sounding like a happy, fun time. The rest of the trailer vaguely outlines the tribalistic, battered fantasy world of the game. But then, in an interesting development, the world becomes industrialized over time, resembling more of a contemporary city — which only poses more problems for the depressed society.

At least our narrator is a bit optimistic that a hero will come to rescue the world from darkness. How that plays out isn’t quite clear yet, and the second of the two teasers doesn’t fill in any of those blanks.

Instead, please enjoy five straight minutes of a member of the warrior class eating some chicken. How this expands upon the Project Re Fantasy aesthetic Studio Zero is going for remains to be seen. The game remains under development.

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