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Pokémon Go’s weather system gets an important fix

Now you can hang out in ‘extreme weather’ all you want

Snow in Pokémon Go, as of the weather system update. Niantic/The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Go’s dynamic, real-world weather feature will no longer prevent players from experiencing in-game effects during what the game classifies as “extreme conditions,” as of its latest update. While that may sound like a disregard for safety, it’s a relief for players who found Pokémon Go too sensitive about what was unsafe weather or not.

An in-game pop-up occasionally warns players to be careful when heading outside, noting that “weather conditions are potentially dangerous.” But if someone deems this to not be the case — say, it’s just drizzling outside, not a full-on hurricane — they can now select the option to declare themselves safe.

The notification is a good idea in theory; it ostensibly prevents players from trying to catch ice-type Pokémon in severe snowstorms or fire-type Pokémon during heatwaves. But players reported shortly after the weather system’s release that Pokémon Go’s notion of extreme weather didn’t always match up with reality. Users shared images on Twitter and Reddit of what it looked like outside when they received the pop-up, and it rarely matched up with what anyone would consider dangerous conditions.

This is especially frustrating, as the notification disables the benefits granted by the weather feature. Players are unable to receive attack boosts from compatible Pokémon during extreme conditions, and increased spawns of certain types are diminished.

Now that there’s the “I am safe” button, though, players can likely circumvent the game’s precautionary measure with ease. It’s up to trainers to be responsible when heading out to catch ‘em all.

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