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Bloodborne hack lets players dive into the game’s cut content

Fight previously-unseen bosses in Bloodborne’s chalice dungeons

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Some of the eldritch horrors designed for Bloodborne didn’t make it into the final game. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience them for yourself. Thanks to some recent advancements in Bloodborne hacking — and the game’s procedurally-generated Chalice Dungeons — players can now fight previously unseen monsters, including two bosses left on the cutting room floor.

A Bloodborne player who goes by the handle Zullie the Witch released a pair of glyphs — codes that grant access to other players’ Chalice Dungeons — that let hunters go one-on-one with two cut bosses: the Great One Beast and a very different variation on the Moon Presence.

Those two bosses are clearly unfinished; the animation and effects aren’t up to snuff with the other bosses in the game, naturally. And walking around the hacked Chalice Dungeons themselves present a risk, as players could get stuck, Zullie warns. (Back up your saves, if you feel like experimenting.)

To fight the Moon Presence, search for the glyph “sikgc3sm” at one of the Chalice Dungeon gravestones in the Hunter’s Dream area. To fight the Great One Beast, search for the glyph “arkhv2vs.”

They’re pretty cool bosses, as seen in these GIFs from master GIFmaker Sunhilegend:

Considering there’s more cut content buried within Bloodborne’s game files, as seen in these videos from YouTube user Sanadsk below, don’t be surprised if players find a way to dig deeper into the game via the Chalice Dungeons in the coming weeks and months.

Bloodborne is currently on sale for $13.99 via the PlayStation Store, if you feel like diving in.

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