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Cities: Skylines jazz DLC brings back fan favorite Jazz Boatman

Chill out with Paradox’s new jazz add-on

Paradox Interactive’s city simulation Cities: Skylines is getting a bit jazzier today with the introduction of “an all-new kind of traffic jam.” The game’s All That Jazz downloadable content, released today, adds 16 jazz songs and, more importantly, the return of Jazz Boatman.

Who is Jazz Boatman, you may ask? He’s the “briefly internet famous” spokesperson who narrated one of Paradox’s most beloved trailers. Back in 2013, Paradox released a trailer for turn-based, strategic action game Leviathan: Warships, in which Mr. Boatman smoothly narrated the slow-moving battles in a repudiation of explosive, action-packed video game trailers.

This will hopefully jog your memory:

Jazz Boatman will DJ Cities Skylines new radio station, which spans multiple jazz genres: Classic, Latin, Funky and Chill-Out Jazz.

Cities: Skylines’ All That Jazz pack costs $3.99. Here’s the tracklist:

  • Houston River Jazz Collective “36th Street”
  • Houston River Jazz Collective “Hallet's Cove”
Houston River Jazz Collective “Northern Boulevard Jam”
  • Houston River Jazz Collective “The Astoria Way”

  • Jazz In-Clave “Bauza Chico”
Jazz In-Clave “Habanera Big Four”
Jazz In-Clave “Ponchando Fashion”
  • Jazz In-Clave “Tresillo Hideaway”
  • Phrase It Differently “Fusionistic Mystic”
  • Phrase It Differently “7 O'Clock”

  • Phrase It Differently “Cracks”
  • Phrase It Differently “Loveshift”
  • The Sierra Lewis Project “Fiesta Siesta
  • The Sierra Lewis Project “A Walk In The Park”
The Sierra Lewis Project “The Conquistador
  • The Sierra Lewis Project “Praia Verdi”

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