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Richard Armitage will play Wolverine, but not how you might expect

Here’s a hint: Mattress ads

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Actor Richard Armitage discusses 'Berlin Station with AOL Build at AOL HQ on October 10, 2016 in New York City. Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic/Getty images

Marvel Entertainment has announced that Richard Armitage will be the second Hollywood leading man to play the Wolverine — but this time, in a podcast.

The scripted, 10-episode series will initially be available only on Stitcher, going to wide release on other podcast platforms at a later date. Wolverine: The Long Night will follow agents tracking a serial killer in a small town in Alaska, who have just found their main suspect, a man known only as Logan.

“Their search leads them on a fox hunt through the mysterious and corrupt town,” according to Marvel’s press release.

A purely audio medium is not exactly the first place you’d expect to find Wolverine, even if he does have one of the most recognizable sound effects in the Marvel Universe. Marvel has dabbled in audio books based on comics before, but this is a bit higher profile — begging comparisons to Serial and drawing in Hollywood acting talent.

And after all, while Fox has no current intentions to put Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in another movie any time soon, Marvel Entertainment doesn’t have the film rights to the character. The solution, it seems, is to branch out into new media entirely.

Wolverine: The Long Night will be released on Stitcher in spring of 2018, and will hit wide release on other platforms in fall of 2018.

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