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Destiny 2’s new exotic rifle is a nightmare in Crucible

Prometheus Lens is being called ‘insanely broken’ and overpowered

Destiny 2
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Bungie added a batch of new and refreshed exotic items to Destiny 2 yesterday with the release of the game’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris, including a new trace rifle that’s dominating the game’s competitive multiplayer Crucible. Players are already pleading with Bungie to nerf the gun, named Prometheus Lens, and maybe even cancel this weekend’s Trials of the Nine mode.

Prometheus Lens is a new trace rifle energy weapon, a companion piece to the existing Coldheart exotic. What differentiates Prometheus Lens from Coldheart is the former’s Prismatic Inferno trait. “Fires a solar trace beam that generates a damaging heat field that grows while the weapon continues to fire,” the gun’s description reads. Kills with Prometheus Lens also return ammo to the weapon’s magazine, but it’s the growing solar damage and range of the new exotic that is wreaking havoc in Destiny 2 PvP currently.

Here’s a scary example of what Prometheus Lens is capable of:

And here’s what it looks like being on the receiving end of this monster:

The aptly named Destiny Fun Police have a longer look at the Prometheus Lens in action, in PvE and PvP environments:

Prometheus Lens certainly looks like it needs a speedy and considerable nerf, like so many Destiny exotics before it (thinking of you, Vex Mythoclast), lest Crucible become nothing but a flurry of solar energy beams.

We’ve reached out to Bungie if and when it will balance Prometheus Lens.

Update: It turns out that Prometheus Lens is indeed broken. Curse of Osiris “shipped with a bug” involving the weapon, said David “DeeJ” Dague, community manager at Bungie, on Twitter this morning.