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Wendy’s Twitter account is secretly the best movie and TV expert

‘Is Twin Peaks a TV show or movie?’

Ryan Gosling as Agent K in Blade Runner 2049. Warner Bros.

My advice to readers who disagree with Polygon’s reviews has always been to find a critic you do agree with and take them at their word.

For some, that may be the Wendy’s Twitter account.

In a strange crossover of Twitter worlds (Film Twitter and Fast Food Twitter), critics, reporters and even studios have started to ask the anonymous Wendy’s social media manager for advice on topics ranging from the new Greta Gerwig movie, Lady Bird, to whether Twin Peaks is a movie or TV series.

The Wendy’s Twitter account, notorious for owning trolls and producing quality level tweets in the past, began to answer earnestly, causing even more people to pick the brain of the social media manager behind the fast food chain with the best chicken nuggets. (Editor’s note: That is fact. Please fight amongst yourselves in the comments.)

First thing to note: Wendy’s loved Blade Runner 2049, The Big Sick and Get Out, as did we! Solid tastes so far.

Like any good critic on the internet, Wendy’s judgement was tested. A24, the studio behind Lady Bird, pressed Wendy’s to explain what they liked about the movie. Doing the best they could with only 280 characters, Wendy’s took up the task with confidence and bravery.

I think they did a pretty good job and would like to offer the Wendy’s social media manager the opportunity to write about it at length for Polygon.

Wendy’s caught the attention of food and movie lovers all over Twitter, which meant people wanted to pick the brain of this film aficionado. The next topic? Twin Peaks.

That certainly counts as fast food for thought! Wendy’s even gave some insight into which movies they were excited to see in the future. Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water sits at the top of that list.

People were just starting to get into Wendy’s film criticism when head office shut down all hope of the Wendy’s account turning into a full fledged movie reviewing service.

Wendy’s asking for permission to review movies.

At least we got to experience this magical moment for a little bit. I’ll never think of Twin Peaks the same.

We’ll bother the Wendy’s account for an official review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi once their social media manager sees it.

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