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Superhot’s roguelike expansion hits Steam Early Access this week

Elaborates on the stylish, bullet-time combat of the original hit

Superhot Team
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Superhot is getting a stand-alone expansion. Called Mind Control Delete, it’s coming to Steam Early Access tomorrow, Dec. 7, developer Superhot Team announced today.

Mind Control Delete will continue Superhot’s stylish slow-motion, first-person combat where time only advances when the player moves. The announcement from Superhot Team alluded to new playable characters, new abilities, and smarter, stronger foes to challenge the player.

Key to Mind Control Delete will be procedural generation within each level, “enabling us to tell longer, more complex stories and deliver tons more of satisfying skill-based gameplay,” Superhot Team said. The Early Access build launching tomorrow will showcase two “minds” that have unique abilities and gameplay modifiers. Mind Control Delete will also show off new animations and artificial intelligence supporting new weapons, abilities and enemies.

Superhot Team is offering Early Access buyers the opportunity to “co-create and guide the development” of Mind Control Delete via participating on Discord and Reddit. The development process will offer monthly content updates and livestreams to update the community on the game’s progress.

Today’s announcement said that tomorrow’s Early Access launch would be followed by an update in January, and that will introduce “powerful unlockable gameplay modifiers, new weapons, and four unique new levels.”

More details are on the Steam page created for Superhot: Mind Control Delete.

Superhot Team is estimating that Mind Control Delete’s development “stretches into autumn-ish 2018.” No specific 1.0 launch date has been given, though.