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This is Nintendo Switch eShop’s busiest release week yet

From Majora’s Mask-style puzzle games to breakdancing to wrestling

floor kids gameplay screen MERJ Media

Never say that December is a dry month for new games. That’s certainly not true for Nintendo Switch, which receives 22 (!!!) titles to the eShop between today, Dec. 7, and Dec. 12. That marks the highest number of new games to hit the Nintendo eShop at once so far.

This is not an outpouring of games-for-the-sake-of-games, either — this busy week includes Switch versions of annualized franchises, intriguing indies and addictive, absurdist ports. It’s kind of a weird mix, to be sure, but it’s exciting for Switch owners nonetheless. Some highlights:

  • The Sexy Brutale ($19.99), a The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask-style murder mystery with a strong, Victorian aesthetic and gameplay that’s tailor-made for puzzle fans;
  • Floor Kids ($19.90), which is basically every breakdance battle video you’ve ever seen given a comic book-esque coat of paint and repackaged into a multiplayer game;
  • Vostok, Inc. ($14.99), whose publishers tout it as “the world’s first twin-stick action arcade clicker” — a pitch echoed by Polygon executive editor Chris Plante, and one that sold me on it immediately;
  • WWE 2K18 ($59.99), this year’s version of 2K Sports’ long-running franchise, and something that the people who are into that kind of thing will know if they’re still into from the onset.

The Switch has proven itself to be a launchpad for some of the most diverse and varied games of all sizes in its first year on the market, which the long list of new games on eShop over the next several days shows. Maybe they’re not all AAA projects or mainstream hits, but Nintendo has found a niche for the system. What that means for us is a glut of interesting new titles to check out on the regular.

Here’s the full lineup:

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