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Vacation Simulator gives Job Simulator fans time to relax

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Let’s go on vacation

Vacation Simulator is the next project in the Job Simulator series. Owlchemy Labs premiered the game with a trailer shown during The Game Awards 2017 pre-show.

Based on the first look at the game, it’s much the same as Job Simulator. The key difference will be that, instead of being directed to do a bunch of menial job tasks, players will actually get to relax by the beach. But the same computers that hand out orders will be joining them for the vacation — so don’t expect the game to be a total day at the beach.

Job Simulator served as a launch title for several virtual reality headsets, including PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. It went on to win critical acclaim and awards following its release in spring 2016.

Vacation Simulator will come to all VR-capable platforms at an unspecified date, the team at Owlchemy Labs told host Geoff Keighley during the pre-show.