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Getting Over It is frustrating the hell out of streamers

And man, does it make for a fun watch

a streamer losing his cool in getting over it Twitch

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is extremely difficult — by design — but that’s exactly what makes it amazing to watch. Designer Bennett Foddy’s latest physics-based, patience-testing game is quickly becoming a favorite of streamers and viewers alike, as fans worldwide watch players lose their cool on camera.

The gist of Getting Over It is simple. You play as a shirtless guy trying to hike up a very, very tall mountain, all while stuck in a pot. If that didn’t make things challenging enough, Foddy threw his trademark wrench into things. Much like his previous hit QWOP, Getting Over It actively fights against the player by giving them nothing but a sledgehammer to work with as the mountain becomes more treacherous. If you fall off after hours and hours of effort, you have to start over from the bottom.

Foddy knows this is painful for the prouder players among us who have faith in their abilities. And Getting Over It has caused plenty of pain since it launched as part of the Humble Monthly package in October. Now that the game is out on both Steam and iOS, though, non-subscribers can experience the pain for themselves.

Big YouTube personalities like PewDiePie, Maskedgamer and H20Delirious have already subjected themselves to the Getting Over It challenge — as did we back when it first launched. Now other familiar names are finally getting in on the viewing gold the game provides. Markiplier blew his lid in what he calls the first part of an ongoing Let’s Play series:

Jacksepticeye said that playing Getting Over It was the “angriest I’ve gotten at a game” in his first video:

What I like best about this infuriating, evil game is that the humor transcends the language barrier. Another video gaining traction comes from Indonesian YouTuber Alif Yulistian. It doesn’t matter that it’s not in English; his devastation while falling down the mountain is universal.

Maybe that’s why one of the places Getting Over It seems to be most popular is China. Chinese streaming platforms, like BiliBili, host dozens of gameplay archives with hundreds of thousands of views. These are even more enjoyable — the people narrating some of the Chinese videos are much more easygoing about falling all the way down the mountain and losing all their progress.

Foddy’s learned some great facts about his Chinese fanbase as the game continues to build an audience overseas, including pet names for it and even traditions that viewers are coming up with for watching streams.

Twitch is full of very good clips in all sorts of languages, not just Chinese. Here’s one guy exploding over a jump scare:

The same surprise totally gets this streamer, too:

Getting Over It is one of those games that is probably more fun to watch, rather than play — and it seems like the whole world is catching on. Watch us play Getting Over It from its original release below.

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