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The Last Guardian returns with free VR experience

Get even closer to Trico

last guardian vr Team Ico

A virtual reality experience based on The Last Guardian will launch on PlayStation 4 next week. Sony announced during PlayStation Experience 2017’s opening night event that the stand-alone, downloadable “demo” will be available for free to all PlayStation VR owners — and that it launches in just a few days, on Tuesday, Dec. 12.

The Last Guardian launched just over a year ago on PlayStation 4, years after it was first announced. The third game from the Team Ico studio, The Last Guardian stars a young boy who traverses through a beautiful fantasy world with help from a gigantic, dog-like creature named Trico. It received acclaim for its emotional narrative and beautiful world-building.

The stand-alone VR version, which will not require the full PS4 release to play, will bring back Trico while letting players embody his beloved human friend. This means we’ll get to be truly up close and personal with him, just as we’ve always wanted.

Sony only showed a brief look at what the world of The Last Guardian will look like in VR. At least we won’t have to wait long to check it out further for ourselves.

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