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Into the Spider-Verse animated flick gets its first trailer

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More than one will wear the mask

Into the Spider-Verse, the animated adaptation of the 2014 Marvel Comics “Spider-Verse” storyline by the same name, launched its first trailer today.

Centered on Miles Morales, the trailer promises to deliver more than one individual wearing Spider-Man’s mask. The 2014 storyline involved Morales (as Ultimate Spider-Man), Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) Spider-Gwen (the informal name of the Spider-Woman role Gwen Stacy takes), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew, the oldest of the characters other than Peter Parker), and more.

The film will wrap their multiple stories in a high-contrast art style that supplements photorealistic images with stylish touches. Into the Spider-Verse will premiere in 2018. The film is being produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who directed 2014’s The Lego Movie and 2012’s 21 Jump Street.