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Nintendo Switch ad shows off developer menu by mistake

Uh, oops

A new Nintendo Switch commercial accidentally leaves in the console’s developer menu.
Nintendo Portugal

Nintendo Portugal uploaded a local version of the Switch’s Super Bowl commercial earlier today, and it has one glaring mistake: The company forgot to edit out shots of the console’s developer menu.

The video has since been taken down, but members of NeoGAF and Reddit recorded the frames for posterity. There’s also an unofficial upload, which you can watch below; we expect it to be removed soon as well, just as a heads-up. (The error shows up around the 2:34 mark.)

The Switch devkits show automatic brightness settings and a battery percentage indicator, previously unseen on retail units. The devkits are also seen to have 64 GB of storage onboard, twice as large as the 32 GB commercial systems.

A frame from the pulled Nintendo Portugal ad, showing the Switch’s developer menu.
Imgur via Reddit

This is a pretty easy mistake to make, as Nintendo likely adds in game footage to its ads in post-production. The company gives actors developer kits to play with instead, so if a company misses a frame where that’s obvious ... well, this is what happens.

The Switch is out in stores on March 3, and we’d expect to see more TV spots for it along the way. We imagine Nintendo will be extra-careful about making sure certain menus aren’t visible in future commercials.

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