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Mega Man looks fantastic in 2.5D fan remake

The free game is available now

An unoffical remake of Mega Man reinvents the classic 2D sidescroller into a stylish, 2.5D game. Crafted by a team of self-described “obsessive Mega Man fans,” the trailer above heralded the Mega Man 2.5D project’s release this week.

Work on Mega Man 2.5D began in 2009, according to its website. What was first meant to just be an animated proof of concept blossomed into an actual game.

A beta arrived in November 2013, and the team has steadily released updates since then. The game’s first full version launched yesterday, a little more than three years after the initial beta.

Other than its unique, hybrid graphical style, Mega Man 2.5D has other original features. There’s a co-op mode for two players, and the camera changes perspective often to accentuate that this is a new take on the two-dimensional original.

The development team is quick to note that it has no affiliation with Capcom, the owners of the Mega Man intellectual property. Instead, the free PC download is purely a fan project. We’ve seen how other fan games based on retro favorites have ended up, however, so it’s best to check out Mega Man 2.5D as soon as possible. It’s available to download through the project’s website.

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