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Fans speculate on what’s behind Super Mario Odyssey’s magic hat

This is a very good theory


Super Mario Odyssey’s reveal trailer introduced many questions about the Nintendo Switch game, due this winter. Chief among these: What’s the deal with the eyes on Mario’s hat? A Reddit user came up with an answer that makes quite a bit of sense.

Mario’s classic cap looks much the same in Super Mario Odyssey, albeit with one chief difference. As seen at the trailer’s very end, the cap gets eyes and a mind of its own.

The trailer doesn’t make it clear why that is, exactly. It’s easy to write it off as magic, but lucamegh on the Nintendo Switch Reddit theorized that, actually, there’s a creature hiding on Mario’s head.


“The eyes on Mario's cap look exactly like those of the evil rabbits aboard the airship making their scene in the reveal trailer,” lucamegh explained alongside the image above. “What if there is a (good) magic rabbit underneath Mario's cap? What if this magic rabbit gives Mario the new abilities showcased in the trailer? It would also explain why there's is a rabbit-sized door on Mario's ship!”

Rabbits have long made homes inside of magical headwear, as anyone who’s into illusions knows well. That alone is enough for other Mario fans to lend this theory their support. If it’s true that Mario’s hat has an actual creature living under it, it could make for an interesting mechanic, along the lines of dual-protagonist platformers like Banjo-Kazooie.

Super Mario Odyssey will be out later this year, leaving us many, many more months to speculate wildly about who or what else could be inhabiting Mario’s cap.

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