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New Logan scene will please longtime X-Men fans

Back to black and white

A new scene from Logan, the last installment in Fox’s Wolverine franchise, will appeal to longtime X-Men fans.

In the video, which can be seen above, Wolverine is driving a limousine through a city, listening to an audio recording of a saved message on his phone. He’s moonlighting as a driver, taking preppy kids to their prom and grieving family members to funerals. The phone call itself doesn’t give away too much information — there’s something about a deal for a boat — but it is interesting that he refers to himself as James Howlett. The clip seems to take place in a small town, just before the events of the film begin when his younger, mutant self and Charles Xavier find him and he’s tasked with protecting X-23.

As X-Men fans will know, James Howlett is Wolverine’s real name, given to him when he was born in the late 1880s. It seems like Wolverine may be going by his original name in Logan, or at the very least, the film will reference his original identity.

It’s also interesting that this portion of the movie appears in black and white. When James Mangold first started teasing the movie by posting photos on an Instagram account for the film — under the name “wponx,” which is reference to Weapon X, another name for Wolverine — most of the photos appeared in black and white. It led to questions over whether or not the film would be colorless, but recent trailers and TV spots proved otherwise. This clip, however, could point to certain scenes — like flashbacks perhaps — going ahead with a black and white picture.

Logan, which actor Hugh Jackman has previously said will be his last role in the Wolverine franchise, will be released on March 3.

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