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Konami’s going full anime with new Bomberman spinoff Bombergirl

What if Bomberman but horny

Bombergirl artwork
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch isn’t the only Bomberman game in the works at Konami. This week, at the annual Japan Amusement Expo, the publisher revealed a new game in the franchise with a decidedly different take. It’s called Bombergirl, and it’s like regular Bomberman, but with a twist: What if Bomberman was ... horny?

Bombergirl is currently an arcade-only game in which players can control — for the time being — one of four characters: Shiro, the bomber; Momoko, the blocker; Oren, the high-speed attacker; and Emera, the long-range shooter. Each character has their own skills and as they level up during a match, will get special attacks like a beam weapon or a flaming sword. Based on footage of the game, it appears Konami has around 15 characters planned.

Matches are 4v4, and losing a match causes your Bombergirl’s clothes to shred, naturally, meaning the losing team can take solace in seeing some anime boob.

Konami has previously experimented with horny takes on its classic franchises with Otomedius, a side-scrolling shooter in the vein of Gradius, but the ships are anime girls.

Bombergirl does not currently have a release date for Japan.

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