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Nintendo drops big hint toward GameCube games on Virtual Console

Plus some good news for you analog trigger fans

GameCube controller photo (Flickr: luftholen) 1280 Luftholen on Flickr

Nintendo has yet to detail Virtual Console plans for its new console, the Switch, but in a recent interview with French publication Melty, the company dropped a pretty hefty hint. Following rumors of GameCube games coming to the Switch, deputy general manager Yoshiaki Koizumi teased that the company was working on something along those lines.

“We can not really answer with precision because we have not announced anything about it at this time,” Koizumi said about GameCube titles coming to Virtual Console. “What I can tell you is that we are working on things that go in that direction.”

He neglected to detail what those “things” are, but the connection to the GameCube is clear. General manager Shinya Takahashi talked more about the GameCube’s possible future on the Switch, which could come in the form of controller attachments. If Nintendo released GameCube-style Joy-Con peripherals, Takahashi explained, the company would be sure to include analog triggers.

The GameCube controllers had analog triggers, which mean they’re pressure-sensitive. Peripherals for subsequent consoles like the Wii U and Switch have lacked that sensitivity, which was widely appreciated by GameCube owners — and a major reason why the controller and console are still beloved.

The Switch is out March 3, and we hope to hear more on Nintendo’s Virtual Console plans in the weeks leading up to it and immediately following.

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