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This may be why Fire Emblem Heroes players are all named Kiran

It’s all about getting that reroll, baby

fire emblem heroes Intelligent Systems/Nintendo

Fire Emblem Heroes players may have noticed that a ton of their competitors have the same name: Kiran. While the game makes it easy for anyone to change their nickname from the start, it often seems as though most stick with the default “Kiran” option.

It turns out the reason for this may have to do with Heroes players’ known obsession with getting the best characters. Many fans intent on landing the highest quality characters use a method called rerolling, which involves deleting save data and restarting the game, capitalizing on the automatic free currency doled out at the beginning to keep summoning heroes until they get ones they like.

A program that expedites this process, called Nox, may account for the plethora of Kiran characters that show up on friends’ lists and in the game’s PvP Arena mode. It’s difficult to change the nickname using that application, according to players. Doing so requires installing a special keyboard, which may not be worth the hassle for many players. Plus, those who just want to quickly get through the prologue and start rolling for characters may not care what their nickname is.

Still, the spate of summoners named Kiran has become such an obvious trend that a recent top thread on the Fire Emblem Heroes subreddit offered help to players.

“I know a lot of people skipped putting their name in to speed reroll, but you should know that you can change your username by going to Misc. > FAQ/Etc. > Change Nickname,” advised user jvLin.

The whole process takes seconds, and users can change their name as many times as they like. It’s one of the few things that doesn’t cost any energy or currency in Fire Emblem Heroes, so summoners-formerly-named-Kiran can rename themselves to their hearts’ content.

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