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Overwatch-GoldenEye mashup spans 20 years of shooter greatness

Hey, who picked Odd-Torb?

Someone got the bright idea to present a round of Overwatch as if it was a GoldenEye 007 match on Nintendo 64, in four-player split screen with the original game's sound effects. It's a delightful mash-up of 1997’s landmark hit with a popular multiplayer shooter 20 years later.

Torbjorn serves as this game's Oddjob, to great effect. Like the original character, he's so short everyone shoots over his head while he easily guns them down. "The buff Torbjorn needs," Youtuber Noilleber, who made this video, says in its description, and that jaunty 007 hook makes the deaths all the funnier. Frickin' Torbjorn, I thought we banned using him.

Alas, Overwatch doesn't feature split-screen local multiplayer (how the hell did we play that on a 19-inch CRT, by the way?) But it has made its capture-the-flag game, "Capture the Rooster" a permanent part of the playlist after introducing it during the Chinese New Year event.

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